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Practice Areas

Environmental impairment and toxic tort litigation

Litigation related to environmental contamination and exposure to toxins, in a variety of settings, is increasing at a steady pace. The attorneys of Havkins, Rosenfeld, Ritzert, LLP are committed to providing our clients with fast, aggressive, and innovative counsel at the outset, offering risk management services in response to claims that have the potential to become complex and costly. We also have extensive experience in defending claims that result in litigation with the same efficiency and innovation.

Members of the Havkins, Rosenfeld, Ritzert, LLP environmental impairment and toxic tort team have successfully defended a variety of claims arising out of environmental contamination, and exposure to lead paint, mold, carbon dioxide, chemicals and other toxins. Our clients include landlords, management companies, industrial hygienists, and other consultants in the environmental industry.

We also provide assistance in navigating the unsettled nature of the law concerning coverage issues that stem from claims of toxic exposure and environmental impairment.




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