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COVID-19 Business Interruption Losses

The fight against COVID-19is a full fledged world war, which we have never seen before. This is especially true in hard hit areas like New York, New Jersey, California, Italy and Spain. Our hearts go out to each and everyone affected by this unprecedented affliction. Steps can be taken now to enhance and speed up the possibility of recovery under insurance policies, government programs or perhaps even both. Even though most insurance policies at first blush may exclude coverage for the virus either because of the requirement of property damage or virus specific exclusions recent actions by local, state and federal governments suggest that some form of limited relief will eventually become available.

The first step is the easiest but perhaps the most important. Retain legal expertise to review your insurance policy and local, state and federal programs for potential recovery.  

The second step is crucial as well. Accumulate records detailing the financial impact of the loss—both decreased revenue and increased expenses. Detailed accounting records such as monthly profit and loss statements will also be required.

Havkins Rosenfeld Ritzert, LLP has the expertise and experience to assist you with your business interruption claims—both governmental and insurance.

 We stand ready to assist you.

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